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Hercules slow & steady

June 11, 2013

A small daily taskmaster is (said the Victorian Trollope) stronger and more accomplished than a “spasmodic Hercules.”

At my steadiest I’m no Hercules, but I am good at hewing to a routine. Slim line between that and a rut, some may say, but slow and modestly steady is still the most reliable strategy anybody’s devised for getting things done. Beats procrastination, anyway.

Maria continues picking at the theme of daily self-discipline, with wise words from Gretchen Rubin.

You’re much more likely to spot surprising relationships and to see fresh connections among ideas, if your mind is constantly humming with issues related to your work. When I’m deep in a project, everything I experience seems to relate to it in a way that’s absolutely exhilarating. The entire world becomes more interesting.

Again, though, the exhilaration reflects one’s predisposition to care. The author’s task is to make readers care too. That’s harder.

But there’s no time like the present for trying. Latest Stone piece notwithstanding, Nike strikes the right slogan. Just do it, Hercules.

music lessons

August 5, 2010

School’s about to begin again, our girls have less than two weeks of their carefree endless summer left to spend.

So, naturally, it has just occurred to them both that they’d really like to get serious now about learning to play guitar and piano. I was dispatched to the hot, dank, dusty attic to retrieve the neglected Casio keyboard for Younger Daughter, and badly out-of-tune string sounds began to emanate from Older Daughter’s room. Later we visited World Music, at their insistence, to see about lessons. It’s an impressive operation, much more alluring than my old piano instructor’s ’60s living room. They’re enthused.

Good for them, growing up in Music City and finally infected with the spirit of “Musica.” I hope it won’t dampen their enthusiasm when we swing by school to pick up their textbooks.

I have no room to complain about their procrastination, with my own summer book project lagging and now in competition with class prep. Today I shall write syllabi.

Some of us get a lot done in summer. Others spend the better part of it figuring out what seems worth doing. Mr. Bennett says the time will be provided. We’re counting on it.